27 December 2016
Harvard Business Review, what a pity: a horrible online customer experience for such great contents

Feedback for Harvard Business Review: please improve your online customer experience

I still can’t believe how complex, frustrating and time consuming has been my digital purchase experience with Harvard Business Review. Here my feedback and some recommendations to improve […]
27 February 2016
Guide to setup a startup: learnings of an entrepreneur

Guide to set up a startup: learnings of an entrepreneur

Do you want to set up your own startup? Here I share step by step what I’ve learned during my entrepreneurial experience at Handymed After 21 months working on […]
17 January 2016
Handymed First Startup Telemedicine

Handymed, my first telemedicine startup

Handymed, the new startup that allows people to get a medical consultation via videoconference from anywhere and any device After 18 months of hard work, I’m […]
7 March 2015
Did you know? Shift happens

Did you know? Things are changing faster than we expect

Things are changing faster than we expect, did you know? I’m sure you know that, in fact in May 2013 I wrote about this topic right […]
12 May 2014
Visiting Zappos while it "delivers happiness"

Visiting Zappos while it delivers happiness

I’m usually try before buying and that’s exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago when, during my road trip along California and Nevada, I […]