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27 June 2013
Planetary payments with PayPal and Virgin Galactic

When you say long term strategy! Planetary payments with PayPal and Virgin Galactic

  Last March I had my MBA Marketing & Sales final exam on Virgin Galactic. Professor Ana Rumschisky asked the class to write a brand positioning […]
18 June 2013
When good enough is good enough

When good enough is not good enough

The adoption of the 80/20 methodology seems to be widely spread around large enterprises and startups. I’m a convinced adopter of this concept and I use […]
2 June 2013
LION stands for LinkedIn Open Networker -

Are you a LION?

With 225 milion members interconnected among them in a professional network, Linkedin represents a needful tool that every professional should wisely manage in order to empower his […]
20 May 2013
My first (new) post on

Starting line

I’ve been thinking on completely changing my website for years and now here we go, this is my first post.  I’ve started from scratch. New concept, new design […]