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11 July 2013
Gianluca Stamerra - Market Manager - 1&1 Cloud Server

I’m the Server man

From today, I’m officially the face of the website server section of 1&1 Internet When I started working in 1&1 Internet last March, we were offering just […]
27 June 2013
Planetary payments with PayPal and Virgin Galactic

When you say long term strategy! Planetary payments with PayPal and Virgin Galactic

  Last March I had my MBA Marketing & Sales final exam on Virgin Galactic. Professor Ana Rumschisky asked the class to write a brand positioning […]
18 June 2013
When good enough is good enough

When good enough is not good enough

The adoption of the 80/20 methodology seems to be widely spread around large enterprises and startups. I’m a convinced adopter of this concept and I use […]
2 June 2013
LION stands for LinkedIn Open Networker -

Are you a LION?

With 225 milion members interconnected among them in a professional network, Linkedin represents a needful tool that every professional should wisely manage in order to empower his […]