Crisis or change? Even though we don’t see it, shift happens

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Crisis or change? Even though we don’t see it, shift happens

Did you know? Shift happens

Last Sunday I was speaking here in Madrid with a friend about the crazy unemployment that Spain is facing (27%). She’s a brillant doctor, however she hasn’t been working for almost a year. Unbelievable. She’s wondering whether to setup her own company in the health care industry in order to not be subordinate to anybody or to wait for a call for a new opportunity.

We are all tented to keep hoping that this crisis will end soon, but honestly, even though I’m usually optimist, I think we should start thinking that it won’t end in the way we immagine. In fact, we’re used to seeing a crisis as a temporary phenomenum, while after 5 years I think we should start taking in consideration that things may not change. We should wonder whether this is not just the consequence of an impressive fast evolution.

Technology generates efficiency. Day by day companies need less and less human resources. Moreover they can run their activity abroad at a lower cost much more easily than before. In addition the level education become higher and higher every year. In the job market the competition is crazy and companies can afford talents at pretty cheap prices. More and more managers know how to lead their companies in a profittable way and sometimes are somehow forced to make unpopular decision in order to survive in an aggressive market.

Honestly I think we cannot wait anymore. Nobody will ever knock at our door to give us an opportunity. We have to aknowledge that what we called crisis, it’s a radical and speed change. It happens at an esponential pace and the faster we react to it, the more probably we will be able to survive. My friend has already stopped waiting for that call and she’s setting up her company, and you?

I leave you with this video that I was shown last December during one of my MBA classes. Even though some data are not that updated, for some of you it may be enlightening. Enjoy!


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