Handymed, my first telemedicine startup

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7 March 2015
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Guide to set up a startup: learnings of an entrepreneur
27 February 2016
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Handymed, my first telemedicine startup

Handymed First Startup Telemedicine

Handymed, the new startup that allows people to get a medical consultation via videoconference from anywhere and any device

After 18 months of hard work, I’m pleased to announce the official launch of Handymed.es, my first telemedicine startup. Handymed is addressing those busy people who need to get a medical opinion in a fast, easy and affordable way. Patients can interact with a medical doctor via videoconference from anywhere (in Spain) and any device. It works for all those health issues that do not require physical examination.

Handymed Logo - medical doctor via videoconference

The first concept was born at IE Business School, a school that promotes entrepreneurship and where I met Oscar Bailly-Baillière, an MBA mate and now a friend and one of the three co-founders. In March 2014 we presented Osmos, a second medical opinion platform, as the final project of our master.

Meanwhile Luis Escobar, Medical Doctor specialized in Internal Medicine, was developing the first version on a telemedicine service. Fate brought us together and in June 2014 we founded Handymed; at that time called Facemed.

Since then the family has grown. The first to join was Andrés Rondán, Full Stack Developer,  than Silvia Saura, CSR Manager and lastly Javier Perdigones, Family Doctor.

Together, we went through an incubation process at Area 31 from November 2014 to April 2015. As per what we had learned during my entrepreneurship class, we have started developing our MVP and we have validated our assumptions with several surveys to medical doctors and patients.

During the last two years we have faced several challenges due to which we had to pivot the model three or four times. Since the very first teleradiology idea (July 2013), we explored the second medical opinion concept called Osmos, and then we moved to first medical opinion solution with Facemed, now called Handymed.

This video shows how the beta version works. It’s a fully working MVP with very cool features.

Did you like the video? 50 people have already tried Handymed, be one of them and help us to innovate the healthcare industry.

You can also follow us of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Handymed - medical consultations via videoconference


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