The Economist Executive MBA ranking. IE Business School ranked N° 2
Proud of being an IE Business School student. Executive MBA ranked N° 2 worldwide by The Economist
20 July 2013
You must be the change you want to see in your company -
You must be the change you want to see in your company
20 January 2014
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It’s all about customer experience

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Doesn’t matter how sophisticated is the product or the service that you sell to make it successfull, what really counts is the customer experience that we generate around it. Our product may be extremely simple and satisfy just one basic but important need, or it can be very elaborated and rich of useful features. What matters is the way we make it accessible and how user friendly is the entire environment (purchasing process, customer support, quality of the product, etc) that we design for it.

I think I won’t ever stop to state that the customer is king. The more we design our solution in order to satisfy the customer needs, the higher will be his satisfaction and the adoption of our product.

Here you find a funny video by Google Analytics about a poor online checkout experience  that just supports my “customer centric” point of view. Enjoy!


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