Minimize the risks of launching a startup with Emprende con Arsys

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Minimize the risks of launching a startup with Emprende con Arsys

Minimize the risks of launching a startup with Emprende con Arsys

Emprende con Arsys is a digital guide that aims to support entrepreneurs during the inicial stages of the setup of a startup, from the first idea to the launch, funding and growth. The project is sponsored by Arsys and contents are powered by ICEMD and DemiumStartups

Did you know that 75% of the startups die before getting to their first year of life? Actually, and unfortunately, my company Handymed was one of those. For this reason, after several months of hard work, On November 13 2017, we launched the content marketing project Emprende con Arsys, literally “start a business with Arsys”, an amazing blog for entrepreneurs and written by entrepreneurs that aims to help startuppers to minimize risks during the first stages of the setup of their ventures. An awesome set of structured and useful tips and tricks about each phase of the process.

Entrepreneurs and Small Medium Businesses are the core of the Spanish economy and their digitalization is fundamental for them to succeed. That’s why at Arsys we decided to support the Spanish entrepreneurial echosystem in collaboration with ICEMD, the Institute for the Digital Economy of ESIC Business School, and with Demium Startups, a Spanish startup incubator that has incubated more tha 50 projects.

Our readers will be accompanied along their business journey by the three co-founders of DemiumStartups Jorge Dobón, Ismael Teijón and Julio Braceli that will provide reccomendations about the most agile methodology to follow, the best performing tools to use, and the right questions to ask. Inside the blog, entrepreneurs will find more than 50 texts, several inphographics and more than 25 videos with an introduction of three protagonists,  and with interviews to the CEOs of 5 different startups: Citibox, Cuidum, Frikitrip, Singularu y Triporate.

The first 8 chapters of Emprende con Arsys are already online and during the following month we will publish a new post per week. I’m sure you will enjoy them 😉


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