Giastar Video - Heineken Jammin Festival
GIASTAR at Heineken Jammin Festival – First Prize of the Heineken Best Worldwide Practice Contest
19 May 2013
Did you know? Shift happens
Crisis or change? Even though we don’t see it, shift happens
22 May 2013
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Starting line

My first (new) post on

My first (new) post on

I’ve been thinking on completely changing my website for years and now here we go, this is my first post.  I’ve started from scratch. New concept, new design and new contents.

I like to see this website as a blog business card. A place where to introduce myself to the world through a classical description such as my CV, but also through a stream of thoughts that I will share on the blog section. You will mainly find some discussions about technology, business, economic trends and life style which somehow will give you a view on how I interpret the environment around me also known as world.

The desire to develop this website is somehow generated by the people I’ve met and that I’m interacting with, therefore I want to thank my Family for supporting all my, sometimes unhappy, decisions. My Friends that are close to me even when I am at thousand of km away and that are managing to visit me according to my crazy MBA and Job calendar. I cannot also forget to thank my MBA Mates which are making this experience in Madrid amazing and from which I’m learning so much. And about learning, thanks to my Job Mates and to my Company that are allowing me to apply and test my new skills on the field. Last but not least, I want to thank my Professor of IT & Innovation Strategy Jose Esteves that somehow during one of his classes inoculated in me the motivation to build a blog.

At the moment the website is still under development, therefore the set of functionalities  and contents are limited. Anyway, no doubts, I will enrich it and I will improve the user experience day by day. So enjoy it and stay tuned!



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