27 February 2016
Guide to setup a startup: learnings of an entrepreneur

Guide to set up a startup: learnings of an entrepreneur

Do you want to set up your own startup? Here I share step by step what I’ve learned during my entrepreneurial experience at Handymed After 21 months working on […]
17 January 2016
Handymed First Startup Telemedicine

Handymed, my first telemedicine startup

Handymed, the new startup that allows people to get a medical consultation via videoconference from anywhere and any device After 18 months of hard work, I’m […]
12 May 2014
Visiting Zappos while it "delivers happiness"

Visiting Zappos while it delivers happiness

I’m usually try before buying and that’s exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago when, during my road trip along California and Nevada, I […]
6 February 2014

Drive Gum: when entrepreneurship, an MBA alumnus and an “energizing” idea meet together

Sometimes people think that an MBA is a tool to speedup a corporate career, and definitely it is, however pretty often it represents also a powerful […]