IE Business School

20 July 2013
The Economist Executive MBA ranking. IE Business School ranked N° 2

Proud of being an IE Business School student. Executive MBA ranked N° 2 worldwide by The Economist

On July 18th 2013, The Economist published its  Executive MBA rankingprogrammes for 2013. With an immense pleasure and satisfaction I discovered that my Executive MBA was rakend […]
16 July 2013
My first 5 minutes startup pitch in 8 steps

My first 5 minutes startup pitch in 8 steps

Last saturday I had my first 5 minutes startup pitch in front of 4 investors at IE Business School. As final project of my MBA course […]
2 June 2013
LION stands for LinkedIn Open Networker -

Are you a LION?

With 225 milion members interconnected among them in a professional network, Linkedin represents a needful tool that every professional should wisely manage in order to empower his […]
22 May 2013
Did you know? Shift happens

Crisis or change? Even though we don’t see it, shift happens

Last Sunday I was speaking here in Madrid with a friend about the crazy unemployment that Spain is facing (27%). She’s a brillant doctor, however she […]