6 February 2014

Drive Gum: when entrepreneurship, an MBA alumnus and an “energizing” idea meet together

Sometimes people think that an MBA is a tool to speedup a corporate career, and definitely it is, however pretty often it represents also a powerful […]
16 July 2013
My first 5 minutes startup pitch in 8 steps

My first 5 minutes startup pitch in 8 steps

Last saturday I had my first 5 minutes startup pitch in front of 4 investors at IE Business School. As final project of my MBA course […]
24 June 2013
BeneSit, taking care of your well being

BeneSit. It’s time to express your opinion!

Today I’m writing in order to ask you to express your opinion about BeneSit.  BeneSit is a health technology initiative started with my Executive MBA mates […]
18 June 2013
When good enough is good enough

When good enough is not good enough

The adoption of the 80/20 methodology seems to be widely spread around large enterprises and startups. I’m a convinced adopter of this concept and I use […]